June 2011: Four visitors to this year’s Royal Ascot were lucky winners at the worldwide RICS Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) charity event held last year in aid of the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal and had the opportunity this week to enjoy their win of four Grandstand tickets, donated by Gilbert Evans, at the centre piece of the British social calendar.

Waj Khan commented on behalf of RICS:

“The charity event was a fantastic day and we raised £3,500. The prize that Gilbert Evans kindly donated did extremely well, attracting bids from all RICS offices worldwide. On behalf of the DRS I would like to thank Gilbert Evans for supporting our charity event.”

David Gilbert, Partner at Gilbert Evans, added:

“With over 1,600 reported deaths and up to 20 million people believed to have been affected by the floods, everyone at Gilbert Evans welcomed the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause.”